Slim Thug —who changed his name to Big Slim last year — has been known to give rather controversial opinions. Like years ago, when he said that men who bow down to their women are soft.

One of his latest messages has to do with fashion and finances, because Slim says that he stays rich by wearing cheap clothes.

“Let me show y’all why I still got money and a lot of rappers went broke,” said Slim before showing that he paid under $20 for his outfit. “I’ll be in the club with this sh*t on. Y’all don’t know ‘cause I got a million dollars worth of jewelry on … Y’all be buying that designer, y’all be looking gay because all the designers are gay.”

He continued. “And I’m the only one that be standing out. Every ten of y’all with the same Christian Dior shirt, ten of y’all the same Gucci shirt and I’ll be the one that stand out with a plain tee that cost me five dollars. Same as a Happy Meal or less.”

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