Sexyy Red’s music contains a lot of sexual lyrics, but she doesn’t like that people call her songs “p*ssy music.”

“I don’t agree with that [classification], because why is that the only thing you heard me talking about?” she told Billboard. “That’s the only thing that you got out of everything I just said? You just heard me say ‘coochie?’ I hate when they say that. I just rap about my daily life. Girls that live like me, I just rap about what we go through. I don’t sit and talk about coochie all day.”

One person who’s taken issue with Red’s music is Uncle Murda who criticized her lyrics in his “Rap Up 2023” song

He brought up her sex tape on top of that.

“Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it, I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded / And I heard she said she got chlamydia twice, that bitch ratchet, let me try to give that girl some advice / It’s okay to shake your ass and put your hands on your knees / But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs / Your p*ssy pink and booty hole brown, are you serious?/ Little girl’s shouldn’t be listening to that sh*t, period.”

Would you call Red’s songs p*ssy music?


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