Rick Ross and DJ Envy both have car shows

On a recent episode of Drink Champ‘s The Bawse opined that Envy’s car show isn’t at the same level as his.

So this week on The Breakfast Club DJ Envy mocked Rick Ross for renting out his mansion.

“You AirBnB your home.  The house that you sleep in.  Eddie Murphy slept in your bed  … you thnk that JAY-Z would rent out the house that he sleeps in?  50 Cent would never … Do you think Lil Wayne would rent out his house and let another man put man milk in his bed? Envy said as CTG told him to stop.

Ross responded to that by saying he was going to get Envy — who he has been calling “beige boy” –and all of his children to scrub his pool.

“DJ Envy.  You just gave me a good idea.  I just told the people who’s coming to clean the pool to hold on.  Because I said Envy and his seven sons could come over here, y’all could handle this pool … out of respect of love for you.  That part of pool and saving it for your girlfriend … I need you and your sons,” Ross said.

Who you got?


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