Wednesday, November 29, was the third day of Young Thug’s RICO trial, and Ralo believes he’s getting a raw deal.

Things began when Detective Mark Belkna, of the Atlanta Police Department’s gang unit, spoke for the prosecution and explained why gangs do what they do.

“That goal of money, power and respect is to increase their own reputation, increase their own ability to retaliate and do violence to the extent that it keeps someone else from doing violence against them,” said Belkna.

Ralo used social media to weigh in and said it’s Thugger’s people who did dirt, not Thug and he shouldn’t have been charged.


“Young Thug [trial] weak as f*ck,” wrote Ralo. “I can’t even believe they giving Jeff ah hard time like that for them weak ass charges. They might as well just let him go. I feel like they trying [to] blame him for sh*t n*ggas around him was doing. That sh*t lame!!!”

Is Ralo right?


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