Quando Rondo is having a tough time.

In 2023, Rondo was arrested on Georgia state charges of drug dealing.  Later that year, the Feds jumped in and charged him with similar crimes.

The 24-year-old is being accused of violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act for being a shot caller in the Rollin’ 60’s gang. He is also being charged with the illegal use of communication for using a cell phone to set up the sale of cannabis.

He jumped on social today and suggested that both his gang and girl had abandoned him in his time of legal need.


“Before you jump off the porch and join the streets remember quote on quote your click (LMAO] ain’t gone have nothing for you when your lawyer asking for 100K.your friend (Lmao) ain’t gone do nothing but say damn, when you get jammed people gone scream free you but ain’t gone do nothing for you mom or kids, that female you doing the most for will more than likely me sneaking around with your friends and enemies 6 months into a 2 year bid!! So from this day on i hope the youngins realize do the right thing cuz in the end you gonna be on your own you get in the wrong situation,” Rondo typed. “2 solid 2 fold tho.”

Cold world.


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