Blueface is in jail until July for probation violations.

He’d been beefing with Soulja Boy before he got locked up, and Soulja mocked him when they took him away.

“Now n*gga sitting in jail broke as f*ck. N*gga want to talk baby mamas? I’m gonna give to your baby mama right here and put dick in her mouth while you in jail,” said Soulja earlier this week. “You know she going to need some dick in her mouth for Valentine’s Day. Now you can’t even give it to her because you out here trolling. And you done went broke. How the f*ck you go to jail and I get $1.5 million the same day.”

Soulja also threatened to pay other inmates to rape Blue.

Blueface, who had claimed that he slept with Soulja’s baby’s mother, clapped back by saying Soulja is the snitching kind.

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“I don’t know why Soulja Boy still popping it,” he said in a recording. “Any n*gga happy a n*gga in jail, he the type of n*gga to tell. We already heard cuz was in here on PC, in a yellow jumpsuit eating applesauce.”

And there you have it, folks. By the looks of it, it’ll be sometime before this back-and-forth subsides.


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