Artist, poet, songwriter, and producer Seekay is truly unstoppable. After making the headlines for weeks with the release of his singles “Hold” and “Fall,” returns with yet another single, or masterpiece should we say. The new track is titled “Wiser” and defies all limits by mixing together so many elements that, at first glance, are far apart, and yet he finds the cohesive body to create a total harmony and meaning through the whole. As on his previous releases, it is the immensely graceful and skilled singer Chloe that gives us chills down the spine with every word she sings. 

The song is about a relationship in which the man has done and said many negative things to the woman, as she got wiser and wiser over time, understanding the toxicity of the relationship, and becoming ‘steel.’ Seekay is one of the most poetic pop-electronica producers out there, and “Wiser” confirms that one more time, with what might be his most wide reaching single so far. 

The energy, mysticism, and surreal beauty he has been able to consistently produce proves that he just has the creative genius running deep in his blood, and the emotions that arises while we listen to his masterwork is most probably only a small part of what he, himself, feels when he creates.
All in all, “Wiser” is a true game-changer, and we recommend this incredibly moving and mysterious song to all music passionate out there looking to discover artists who make music that elevate the art. 

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