Exceptional artist and rapper Statik G drops a music video for “Bad MFs Only”, a track off his latest album Gene Therapy – Final Chapter. Channeling his raw, aggressive rapping power, Statik G packs a punch, saying all the things that were unsaid before. The song features massive beats that accentuate the invasive tone and an unsettling, almost intimidating melody that sneaks up on the listener, allowing them to feel all the intended emotions in full. The music video depicts Statik G in urban settings surrounded by money and gorgeous ladies, emphasizing the main message.

Statik G is a master of his art whose recently released album skyrocketed in popularity with hundreds of thousands of streams and plays across platforms. Its stand out tracks include “Hold Me Down”, “One Day At A Time” and “Stay tf Away”. With nineteen authentic songs that show the artist’s true character and skill, Gene Therapy is an absolute must-hear for all those who seek sincerity as well as beauty in music. 

The American rapper experimented with different sounds and rapping techniques starting at a young age and afterwards signed a record deal in 2008. He co-headlined major local shows including Tech N9ne, The Game, T-Pain, Bone Thugz n Harmony, and others. His first album Slightly Sober came out in 2014. Statik performed the main stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2017 during the Project Pat tour on the way to Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.

Statik G established RhymeSick Entertainment, envisioned and developed $RSC cryptocurrency beta aka RhymeSick Coin, the hip hop crypto in May 2021 and has been on fire this year, releasing one great track after the other. 

 Gene Therapy – Final Chapter is a testament to Statik G’s boundless talent to put together stunning music and truthful words, creating hits everyone loves. “Bad MFs Only” is a singular composition off the album that makes it stand out as one of a kind.

Statik G can be found on: InstagramYouTubeSpotifyWebsite Twitter 

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