Hip-Hop artist Omar LKC  wows the crowds with a debut EP Too Far Away, a fantastic record listing five tracks. This new collection is a major follow-up to Omar LKC’s debut track “Bitter Observation,” also released in 2022. 

Too Far Away reflects the artist’s most profound truth, and an invasion to dig deep in order to reach the core part of our souls, sometimes the most painful part. Centered around the feeling of being far away from people, and originally intended to represent a blend of genres, Omar LKC finally decided to create a tracklist that fully reflected his personality. From chill-dance to emotional rap tracks, without forgetting to tackle the positive and energetic side of his personality, Omar LKC has also taken the opportunity to pay homage to his two biggest inspirations via this project; XXXTENTACION and Pop Smoke. 

Born in Moscow on December 13th 2004, the 17 year old is just beginning his journey towards inspiring and empowering audiences around the world, so make sure to closely follow the development of his career. 

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