Nicki Minaj had a whole lot to say to famed journalist Elliott Wilson after he seemed frustrated about her interview with internet personality Kai Cenat.

“Hip Hop Journalism,” wrote Wilson next to a photo of Nicki bending over during the interview.

It appears that Wilson was upset that Nicki went on one of the newer podcasts instead of his Rap Radar show because remember, he also called out Drake for the same thing.

Drizzy ripped Wilson for his response back then and so did Nicki on X.

“Elliot if you’d spit JayZ  dikk out for one second, you’d be able to be happy for the new comers. Isn’t that how y’all tried to tarnish my image? By saying I’m not welcoming new btchs in? Did songs with all of them tho,” wrote Nicki on Thursday, December 14. “Why you not happy for a young black man like Kai. Tmrw btch.”

She went at him on Live, too.

“You know how many tweets I’ve seen you post disrespecting me, Idiot Wilson?” said Nicki … Nobody owes you sh*t, hoe n*gga. F*ck you!”

But that wasn’t the end of it, because Wilson responded and basically waived the white flag

50 Cent also reacted and seems to like Nicki’s response. You can see his comments below.


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