It took a couple of weeks, but Kendrick Lamar has responded to Drake with his “Euphoria” diss.

He’s actually the second of the anti-Drake Avengers to hit back.

Rick Ross already dissed The Boy.  And now The Bawse has some advice for his former friend.

“Look, White Boy.  I know we not friends.  But let me give this advice, because you ain’t got nobody around you.  You ain’t got no real n*ggers around you … Stop.  Don’t respond.  You even peak when the intro came on with that Teddy Pendergrass. That was that Black vibe.  Don’t do it.  Don’t go write an eight-minute verse … I’m going to tell you like a real n*gger.  Ain’t no more BBL.  Ain’t no more ass fillers.  Ain’t no more cheek fillers,” Ross said.

Do you think Drake will heed this advise?


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