Lil Yachty was among the rappers that NBA YoungBoy dissed on his new  Richest Opp album.

“Lil Yachty mad about JT, f*ck, bitch, play with me / Half of y’all ain’t got more money than me,” rhymes YoungBoy.

Last night, Boat wonder why YB came after him like that.

So YB told him exactly why.  According to YB, Yachty called him to ask if he was talking to Boat’s ex-girl JT.  And YB didn’t like that.

“This n*gga Yachty crazy than a motherf*cker, son. Aye bitchh, you got me laughing over here, boy. Bitchh, you know why I said that, man. You called me talking about that crazy ass girl, boy,” YB said.  “Mama, that bitch really checked me ’bout that girl. That bitch checked the gangsta, man. If I ain’t mistaken, bro, you say you asked me about out trying to talk to your bitchh. And I was confused ’cause you a hoe and you was coming at me, like, I ain’t really do that.”


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