Rapper turned hot-taker Joe Budden has a hot take on NBA YoungBoy.

According to Joe, YB’s music is garbage, and his success is due to click fraud.

 “‘You ready to tell the truth about NBA YoungBoy?’ Am I ready to do this? That n*gga is trash. He’s horrible. He is horrible, he is horrible, he is really, really, really, really, really bad. I don’t know him as a person, I’m only speaking about music. He is really, really, really bad. And that thing happened with him. When he was out, the label pushed a button and did some YouTube sh*t. All the little kids had to just come to the f*ckining gathering and tell you about NBA YoungBoy’s views and how great he is and how awesome he is and how amazing he’s doing,” Joe said.

YoungBoy didn’t appreciate Joe’s criticism and the revelation about click fraud.  So he went off on his elder and told him to pull up to his house arrested location in Utah.

“Two of my album are still in the top ten, pussy ass n*gga,” YB yelled at Budden.  “Don’t speak on my n*gga, I don’t play that sh*t.  Don’t rat on me neither you pussy bitch.  “You dick don’t I’ve get hard no more.  I don’t want argue with you, bitch ass n*gga.  Bitch, you do all of them interview.  Come on Grave Digger mountain and talk to me.  If you can’t do that, you bitch made.”

Should YB risk it all to teach old Joe a lesson?


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