When Melle Mel said that Eminem made Billboard’s top 50 rappers list just because he’s white, people like Fat Joe, 50 Cent, and Papoose highly disagreed with him. Some even called Mel a racist for his comments.

So, he responded to the backlash on his Hip Hop Corner podcast and brought up Em’s 2002 song “White America.”

“Everybody’s just so angry that I would say that,” said Melle Mel. “I’ve even been branded a racist, which is neither here nor there because that’s almost impossible. I’ve been playing for all different kinds of people all my life. That is so far off-kilt that I don’t understand. But Eminem made a record, I guess the album was ‘White America’ … where he said he wouldn’t be as popular if he wasn’t white.”

“So now my point, and it’s very simple, if he basically said what I said, we said very similar things, how could what he say not be racist but then what I said was racist? In other words, if he’s right for saying what he’s saying, then the only reason that I could be wrong is that I’m Black and I said it.”

What’s your opinion on this?


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