Max B revisited his past feud with Jim Jones in a YouTube clip released on Monday (March 9). In the jailhouse interview, the incarcerated rapper expressed regret over how the beef played out years ago.

“I think two egos was just coming together,” he said. “Two big personalities. You know, I wasn’t there for that. I was just happy to be involved, you know what I’m saying? In the game. I’m never trying to come take nobody shit. I’m in my own world, b. I’m like, I’m existentialist. I like to do my own shit, come from a whole ‘nother spot.”

Max B Laments Past Jim Jones Beef: 'It Was Just Egos Clashing'

Max B Returns With ‘House Money’ EP

He continued, “It was just egos clashing. A lack of respect. That shit don’t mix well, and next thing you know, we beefing. So, as far as the content or whatever, it shoulda went a different way. I think today, we would’ve handled the situation different.”

Biggavelli said he’s focused on keeping things positive going forward. He blames youth for how heated his issues with Jones became.

“We was young,” Max noted. “We was all crazy. And now we here. We older. We got kids. And people looking at us. We gotta set the right example. We can’t be looking crazy out here. So, it is what it is. It’s all love. I’m trying to get back on that plate.”

Max is currently scheduled to get out of prison in 2021. After originally being sentenced to 75 years in prison for conspiracy charges in 2009, the Harlem-bred artist had his sentence reduced to 12 years in 2019.

In December, fans got to hear Max’s first solo project in years when he dropped his House Money EP from behind bars. The seven-track release featured collaborations with French Montana, Cam’ron, Jadakiss, Wiz Khalifa, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Dave East and A$AP Ferg.

Stream Max’s House Money below.

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