Last month, 50 Cent explained how Master P finessed him on his first tour.

“The first time I was on a tour it was with Master P” 50 Cent said to Big Boy. “He gave me the money for the eight shows, right? We did four of them. He said, ‘Aw man, something happened we gonna have to take a break. We’ll just come back and do the other four later.’ When I came back to do the other four, I had already sold two million records. He had already paid me so I had to do the shows. He knew! He was like, ‘This muthaf*cker’s on fire. This is gonna go off. He’s smart.”

50 Cent said he isn’t even mad about it now and is just impressed with the clever way P manipulated him

In light of that, P gave his take on what happened between him and Fif back in the day.

“Ya know, the internet will take it and be like ‘Oh, you did this.’ No. I’m the first person to believe in him.. That’s basically what you heard. I think a lot of people when they interview people, they don’t say that,” he explained. “Nobody else believed in him. I seen the vision, like this guy’s a hard worker. He has a lot of talent. So, I’m going to put my money up to put him on tour — which is a blessing.”


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