Almost one year after he was knocked out by DaBaby in a North Carolina mall, rapper Cam Coldheart wants a rematch with the “BOP” hitmaker.

And not just DaBaby, but the entire South Coast Music Group label.

“A whole year later, I wanna make this known – from then to now, anybody know me, I been on 10, that I will scrap any of these niggas,” Coldheart says in an Instagram video shared on Friday (May 22). “Cause none of y’all want to fight!”

“No guns, fight! Y’all niggas know y’all can’t beat me. That’s why you had to set me up, hire security, and put the monster behind you to jump on me,” he continued. “None of these niggas can see me. I’m the real gorilla around this mothafucka. Here go my challenge on the line, nigga! Any of them niggas, fight me! Blac Zacc black ass down there, you said my name in a song. One Dread, any of y’all come see me, nigga. Fight though! None of y’all bitch niggas come from that though, real silverback shit. You can record it, but you gon’ get your ass beat coming to fight me.”

Coldheart and DaBaby have warred in Charlotte for years, with things coming to a head last year inside the Louis Vuitton store of the SouthPark Mall. In the video, Coldheart can be seen antagonizing DaBaby, calling him “a bitch”. DaBaby then calls Cam “scary” because there are police inside the store before Coldheart throws the first punch.

After a few moments, Coldheart can be seen lying face down, bloodied with his pants falling to his knees.

“Huh Cam Coldheart, huh Cam Coldheart?” DaBaby said in the video. “I’m the truth nigga. Knock ’em out! Me! DOLO. I’m the truth. Quit playin’ with me, boy. Pick your pants up, boy!”

Cam has routinely denied what was shown on the video is how the fight truly went down, saying that two men beat him up and in a recent video saying the whole thing was fake. Now it appears he’s had a change of heart.

Rapper Knocked Out By DaBaby Challenges Entire SCMG To A Street Fight

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DaBaby, nor any of the SCMG representatives have yet to respond to Cam’s challenge and may use this Memorial Day Weekend not to beat up rappers, seeing that the country is still under quarantine.

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