Last week, we learned that Diddy gave back all of his old Bad Boy artists their publishing.

Mark Curry was among those artists.  But he says it was a worthless gesture because in 2023 all that publishing is basically worthless.

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“It’s the equivalent of giving you back your girlfriend after you poked her in the booty  … that’s disrespectful.  I told him to just pay me.  I don’t want the publishing I want the money.  Y’all think he doing a good thing because he gives back some publishing, come on.  It’s not worth anything.  And then he don’t have the Chiraq … and then he gonna give a million dollars to Jackson State like he’s doing some humanitarian type thing, he just trying to do whatever he can to keep his name relevant because he don’t really have anything that’s making him any money anymore.  He’s not even a billionaire,” Curry said.

Curry went on to explain that outside of “I’ll Be Missing You” (which mostly belongs to Sting), there is no song in the Bad Boy catalog that will get you more than a few of hundred bucks a year because nobody is listening to or licensing the tracks anymore.

“Why didn’t he just keep that and gave everybody a million dollars,” Curry said, comparing Puff to a vampire who sucks the money out of you.  “What’s a hundred percent of nothing?”


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