A Lupe Fiasco fan named Pat Rooney got more than he bargained for when he slipped the seasoned rapper an Instagram DM claiming his “fans” made him rich. Not only did Lupe put him on blast, but he also wrote an entire song about him called “Pat On The Back” over Eminem’s “Stan” instrumental.

Shortly after the track started to make the rounds, Rooney expressed gratitude to Lupe for the song but insisted it wasn’t what he wanted. He shared a screenshot of his unanswered DM to the veteran MC.

“Thanks for reposting me,” Rooney wrote. “I didn’t want all that but I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thanks Lupe. Ur music had really helped me since like 2007. It wasn’t even about me. It was about all of your fans. I just happened to be the one to say something. Thanks for the song. I was standing up for all your fans. Nothing to do with me personally. Love.”

In an separate message, Rooney explained what he was really after.

“Yo Lu I didn’t want the personal attention,” he said. “I dmed u because I wanted to shed light from a REAL LOYAL LOVING FAN for 10+ years. And I wanted u to know that WE ALL want ur undivided attention. Not individually. I would be a FOOL for wanting u to reply to me. That’s not at all what I wanted. U took it the wrong way my man. But I appreciate the love and respect in the song. It’s awesome.

“But I wasn’t trying to take away from the fact u r successful or anything like that. U earned all that. I love u Lupe. Im happy for ur success. I just wanted u to focus more on fans in ur ig live and less on rocketships. Don’t get me wrong rocketships r cool. It just really got to me so i decided to message u and be honest how i felt. Glad i did.”

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Rooney then shared another post that appears to be Lupe responding to him, but the photo thumbnail is scratched out.

“Thanks my brother,” the message reads. “I’m proud of you too for how you speak to me during this conversation. I appreciate you. Too much hate in the world. Need more love.”

After Rooney apologizes, the message continues, “No offense taken. My pleasure to take the time to explain. Take care bro.”

Lupe posted “Pat On The Back” to Instagram TV on Tuesday (May 26). He explains how fans aren’t the only element to an artists’ success.

“I mean Pat, I think you gotta understand,” he raps. “I’m just a regular person/I’m just a man/I know you like a fan and felt/you did a lot for me/But I had something to do with writing raps/right, possibly?/I mean I did a lot to get to where I am/A lot of sacrifice to have someone like you as a fan/And this ain’t easy, the record labels are greazy/Even with all of that/I don’t want to downplay your role/Believe me.

“The last thing you wanna hear is some fan saying that you made me/Or that you pay my bill. You pay like $10 to keep it real/If you bought every album that would probably be like 50 or 60/If you did a show, that’s another 35/That’s less than $100, that’s not enough to keep us alive/And I don’t wanna downplay your input or your financial transactions to get us where we are/But there’s more to our job than just pretending to be a star.”

Check it out below.


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