Lil Pump gets a lot of hate on the Internet.

And why wouldn’t he? He likes to troll and his talent as a rapper is highly questionable.

However, Pump claims that when his haters see him in person they sing a different tune.

“More people love me than hate me. ¬†And I’ll say this right now. ¬†Everybody who talk sh*t in my comments. ¬†I have never to this day seen anybody walk up to me and say that sh*t in my face. ¬†Nobody has ever walked up to my face and said nothing crazy to me. ¬†So it’s not ever real, it’s fake to me. ¬†Everybody talk sh*t. ¬†But the first thing they do when they see me in person is like ‘Oh pump, let me get a picture.’ ¬†But, it is what is. ¬†I’m just making music to have fun. ¬†If I piss you off I piss you off,” Pump explained.

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