Durk talked about the cut in a recent interview on The Nadeska Show and explained why it took a good deal of time to secure the Dreamville rapper’s feature. [Jump to the 20:48-mark]

“He went super crazy,” Durk said about Cole’s verse. “It’s so crazy because we’d been talking for like two years and he’d always be like, ‘Send me a record.’ And I’m like, ‘I gotta find the right record.’ I’m glad I waited two years.”

“In my eyes he a legend. If you have a chance to do a song with a legend, it be like, will you send them something just to send it, just to say you got one, or you gone make it stick? So, that’s why I never just sent him a record,” Durk added. “‘Cause I’m like, ‘I want something that’s gon’ stick’ … As soon as I did the record, he was the first person to pop in my head. Like, I got it. I believe in timing. Timing is everything.”

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