Ayesha Howard is the mother of Lil Baby’s first child, eight-year-old Jason, who was born before the fame.

She hasn’t been with Baby in years, and she has no desire to go back.

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“I never dream about going back there,” Howard explained on the My Future Husband podcast. “When I dream about my knight in shining armor, it’s not him. It’s not like ‘oh, he’s going to come and save the day.’ I think I’m beyond that. Which is probably a big reason why I’m able to be mature about certain situations. I know what I mean?  ‘Cause when you still have a certain attachment and certain feelings. But to be honest, it’s hard to go from sleeping with someone and loving somebody a certain way and to one day you decide –especially when you cut it off cold turkey.”

Howard added that as long as you are able to keep your personal feelings out of the situation co-parenting is easy.

Sounds like Baby is paying that alimony.


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