Lauren London is starring in the new Kenya Barris movie You People with Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill, which she’s now promoting.

One of her latest sit-downs was on The Drew Barrymore Show and she talked about acting again after Nipsey Hussle’s death.

“I’m very apprehensive with just working right now, just grieving still and just, you know, building a new life,” said London. “So, I’m very intentional on who I work with, and Kenya just created a really safe space. And so did Jonah [Hill] … Every day is different. So, some days you don’t want to [work]. You just want to lay there … My big reason is my children because they do deserve a really happy mom, and they deserve joy, and they deserve a house that has music playing and incense going and light coming in the windows. They deserve that.”
“You know, when you lose someone, they’re on the other side wanting you to continue life as well,” London added. “So, I just always think about what I know Nip would want me to do and what I know my children deserve. And what I deserve, too!”

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