Latto believes that female rappers have to go above and beyond just to compete, while male rappers don’t have to do much at all.

The Atlanta rapper spoke to NME about it after being asked if she agreed with Cardi B, who in 2021 said that female rappers are the most disrespected.

“I definitely agree with that,” said Latto. “If you don’t agree with that, you’re ignorant; it’s flat out in our face every day. Females have to have dancers, we just have to do the whole nine just to be on the same playing field as a male rapper who gets up there and talks about whatever he wants to, in his white tee and his little two same moves he’s doing on stage.”

“And he’s straight but we just over analyze and over critique,” she added. “It makes us appreciate our success more because for female rappers this stuff doesn’t happen overnight. Period.”

Another person who might agree with Cardi about female rappers being the most disrespected is Coi Leray. 

But she probably thinks they get the most hate from other women based on a social media message she posted in April.


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