Miami, FL-based Colombian R&B artist Pariz Noir follows-up in style to her previous releases, the EP Darkroom (2019) and singles “Las Olas” and “Lust” (2020), with a hypnotic and dark R&B single titled “Save Yourself.” We had a chance to interview her, as she opened-up to us about her new single, creative process, and upcoming projects. 

Hi Pariz Noir, great to have you with us today! Please tell us more about your latest single “Save Yourself” and what it represents for you? 

This is a short story that represents a very bittersweet time in my life with a girl who truly loved me and who I truly loved but that unfortunately as life is, things weren’t meant to last. We both were what we needed at that time and we both taught each other a lot but as far as the relationship goes, we weren’t right for each and led two completely different lifestyles later resulting in us parting ways. 

Do you usually first compose the melody, or is the songwriting process the initial step towards creating a single? 

I usually compose the melody first then write as I go. However, there are a few times where I’m feeling something in that particular moment and I just start writing without even having a beat or any music yet. 

How different was your approach for “Save Yourself” in comparison to your previous releases? 

“Save Yourself” was a lot more fresh and new in terms of quality and sound. I always took my time with my music but my older stuff was before I had officially found my sound and was also recorded with a different engineer in a simple home studio he had. That home studio was everything we needed at the time though and I have beautiful memories there. However, as I started progressing, evolving and wanting to be better every day, we agreed to part ways musically speaking and I started working with my engineer, Vinny De Leon, I started vocal coaching and the rest is history. 

How did growing up shape the music you make today? 

It’s all in the dark sound of what we now distinguish as “dark R&B” where it really touches on the feelings I had growing up. I was always loved and cared for. I wasn’t spoiled with materialistic things but I was spoiled with love and kindness and I was and continue to be blessed to have that but especially to have had that as a kid growing up. However, I was an extremely introverted person as a kid and even now still am, but not like before. I was to myself 90% of the time and the other 10% that I was open was because I knew you 100% and that 10% was worth the 100% of me knowing you. I had friends but not many truly knew me in depth. I simply wasn’t a talkative, expressive and social person and those who know me know that. So the music I make was and is my liberation from the cave I kept myself in. The lyrics are how I express and the sound is how I feel. Dark R&B breaks barriers and is an edgy, rebel touch to R&B’s known “lovey-dovey” soft sound. And how I view myself and who I was growing up was and is this quiet, mellow looking human being who beneath it all is capable of a lot and accepts the challenge no matter how difficult.

How would you describe your signature-style? 

Dark R&B with a subtle twist of electronic and a kiss of dancehall  

Would you be interested in collaborating with other artists? If Yes, please list your top 3?

Swae Lee, Jhené Aiko, and The Weeknd

How has the pandemic affected your plans? 

I was unemployed for about 6 months and couldn’t invest in my music career for a while. But thanks to God, I’m back on it.

Are you currently working on new projects? 

Absolutely. A new EP I’ve been beautifully crafting. 

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