On his new track “Grandson”, Lil Durk takes umbrage with an unnamed Hip Hop figure.

Why you throwin’ all this rent money?
Tryna prove a point to go and hang with Boosie (Lame-ass)
He think he bigger than the whole mob
Niggas couldn’t even hang with Boonie (Gang)

King Yella believes Durk is talking about him and he is not happy about it.

[embedded content]

“I don’t hang with no n*ggas, Boosie it’s all love,” Yella said. “Throwing all this rent money?  I ain’t never paid a n*gga for nothing.  Your bitch ass always sneak dissing me in your music.  But you talking about pushing peace and all that?  Shut your dick sucking ass up.”

Yella has a history of clout chasing off more famous rappers.  Is he doing that here or was Durk really sneak dissing him?


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