The second part of Kanye West’s extensive interview with Nick Cannon was released on Tuesday (September 8). During the near-hour discussion, Ye defended himself for meeting with President Donald Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner in Colorado last month.

“I don’t care if we got ice cream, I can meet with whoever I want,” Kanye says. “You know why? Because I’m free, so many people are just not free. I have the freedom to vote for whoever I want. I have the freedom to meet with whoever I want.”

As far as the theory of Ye working with Trump’s camp to hurt Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s run, Kanye doesn’t want to hear it.

“Can’t nobody pay me,” he says. “I got more money than Trump!”

One of the reasons the Kushner meeting allegedly happened was to discuss the economic empowerment of Black people in the United States through Claud Anderson’s four-year plan from PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America.

“What has Biden done for me that is so special to make me vote for this man?” Ye asks.

Kanye also follows-up to say he has love for everyone and is open to meeting with Biden. Even though it’s extremely unlikely he’d be elected president, Cannon asks Kanye if winning the election is a “realistic goal.”

“God has made unreal things happen,” Kanye quickly replies and later assures Cannon he will become president at some point in his lifetime.

Other parts of the interview find Ye explaining why Forbes is his favorite white supremacist, how being sensitive will make him a great president, his public meltdown in South Carolina and much more.

Kanye also hosted another edition of Sunday Service over the holiday weekend (September 6) in Atlanta, which featured him seemingly walking on a body of water.

Watch the entire Cannon’s Class interview above.

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