Last week, Sixers GM Daryl Morey said he is no longer trying to trade disgruntled point guard James Harden and expects him to report to training camp next month.

Today, while in China, Harden said he will never play for Morey.

“Daryl Morey is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of. Let me say that again: Daryl Morey is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of,” Harden declared.

Morey and Harden used to be thick as thieves.  Morey was the GM in Hoston when The Beard played for the Rockets and Morey traded for the future Hall of Famer in 2022 while running the front office in Philly.

Morey and the Sixers didn’t offer Harden a long-term contract when he became a free agent this offseason. 

Doing so may have been part of an (illegal) handshake deal the two had when Harden give his blessings for the Philly trade.

Instead of getting a long-term deal, Harden exercised his one-year player option with the understanding Morey would try to trade him again. 

But that’s all gone south as the Los Angeles Clippers, the team Harden wants to be swapped to, aren’t offering Philly enough to make a deal worthwhile.

How do you think this ends?


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