J.I.D spit for several minutes on Funk Flex’s Hot 97 show back in 2017 and despite receiving online praise, Flex didn’t react much. 

The DJ’s nonchalant demeanor was a topic of discussion back then, with some saying he might’ve given a warmer response to the Dreamville artist if he was from New York.

Either way, J.I.D opened up about the freestyle in a new interview on the Rap Radar Podcast.

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“Funk ain’t even understand what was going on,” he said. “He was kerfuffled. I was giving him something and he ain’t even get it. We might go back one day. I silently retired away from the freestyles because I was mad at Flex because he didn’t respond the way I wanted to.”

“It was like a childhood dream to get the bomb and I ain’t get the bomb or none of the hype, so I was a little upset,” J.I.D added. “But I think I’m gonna get back into the freestyle world just because it’s another part of the art, it’s another notch on your tool belt.”

The Griselda camp also had something to say about Flex when he gave their freestyle the silent treatment.

You can listen to J.I.D’s 2017 freestyle below. What do you think about it?

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