Queens, NY – Hot 97’s DJ Camilo is donating and delivering pizza pies from his local restaurant Slice Astoria to local hospital staff in Queens, New York. Since asking the public to pitch in and offering to match every donation, Camilo has provided over 10,000 pies.

The effort caught the attention of New York rappers Fat Joe and Fabolous who praised Camilo for his initiative and encouraged the support to continue.

“I love Camilo, man,” Fat Joe said, as the two spoke over Instagram Live. “And I love what he’s doing. He got the pizza pies. He’s delivering the pizza pies to Elmhurst Hospital. That’s a beautiful thing. (…) N.O.R.E. is bigging up Camilo as well.”

Fab shared Camilo’s original post on Instagram, adding his appreciation for the dedication shown by New York medical staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Salute the NYC doctors, nurses & everyone in the health & hospital industry for not only holding us down but for making sacrifices to be there for Humanity!!” he wrote. “You MAKE US BETTER. Salute @djcamilo for making his business @sliceastoria, a support system to help feed the people working in Hospitals in Queens, NY!! Good job bro. Anyone who wants to help donate to feed the medical staff log on to sliceastoria.com.”

Camilo spoke to his fellow Hot 97 staff member Ebro — who donated two hundred pies on behalf of Ebro in the Morning – and explained how the effort came about.

“I have two pizza shops in Queens,” he said. “When this all started, um, we have one of our employees, she does part time at the hospital and she was telling us how overwhelmed they were, right? And we came up with a simple idea: just sending two or three pies over to her staff. So it started like that. They were so happy. And then when we saw that, (…) we said, ‘It’s time to step it up.’

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“First we started sending pies on our own. And then we said, ‘Well, y’know,’ to get the people involved, ‘If you guys wanna donate, we’re gonna match whatever anybody donates. So if somebody donates five pies, we’re gonna match that to five pies, then that’s ten pies we’re sending it out. Then it grew.”

Donations can be made on Slice Astoria’s website. At the end of each night, they’re added up and delivered to a local hospital the following day.

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