Powerful rapper BigTaveraLarafaga releases an all-new single titled, “Repelpero- La Renovacion Mundial,” an entertaining song full of incredible sequences and lyrics. 

The song has a high quality and natural progression that creates a dramatic ambience when listening to it. Its effective beats perfectly balance out the intense lyrics that BigTaveraLarafaga perfectly spits. His ability to go back and forth between rapping the verses and singing in the chorus is a skill vocalists would kill for. 

As a child, BigTaveraLarafaga always aspired to be a baseball player and he achieved that dream when he joined a major league baseball team, called Tampa Bay Rays. Born in the Dominican Republic, he was able to move to the United States after becoming a free agent. Also known as José Tavera, the artist moved to Pennsylvania, where his brother resides and together they started working on their music. 

Having tried many ventures in his life, BigTaveraLarafaga has found his home in producing amazing Hip-Hop music that transcends his talents and provides incredible songs to us. As a multi-layered musician, he possesses all the right tools to succeed in the music industry. “Repelpero- La Renovacion Mundial” by BigTaveraLarafaga is now available for purchasing and streaming. 

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