Sometimes you just have to clap back.

That’s what GloRilla said while discussing Internet trolls with New Music Daily Radio. She also talked about having a lot of folks weighing in on her life and how she deals with it.

“I was engaging at first,” said the Memphis rapper, who just released her new “Internet Trolls” single. “It wasn’t really getting to me, because I always had a strong mentality about it, but it did used to get to me a little bit and I did used to react and engage a lot. Even though I still engage sometimes now, I still know I just be having fun and just be on the troll back with you sometimes.”

“It didn’t take long though, because it came to me fast. I went viral super fast,” she added. “I know for a month or two or probably three or maybe four months straight, I was all the internet was talking about, and so I had to get used to it and adjust to it. You got to. The clap backs be necessary sometimes.”

GloRilla explaining all of this comes shortly after she revealed that she cut off her family and friends because they tried to use her for money.

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