1090 Jake, who makes money exposing snitchs, pulled Finesse2Tymes’s paperwork today.


Finesse2Tymes says it’s fake.

The alleged paperwork comes from when Finesse was a juvenile.

However, according to Finesse, you can’t even get paperwork on juveniles.  (He says he knows because he tried.

“This my last time saying ts, and I’m done saying anything about it after this,” he typed.  “The Paperwork” they posted say 2008. I was 14-15.  It’s law that u can’t even get juveniles’ paperwork.  With that being said that le u know the shyt fake.  2nd mane I been to jail 5 times for wayyy worse shyt and did my time tf I’m doing all the time for if I’m snitching?”

What do you think?


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