Eliyanah debuts her new track “Love Burned Out” packed with lush harmonies and hammering lyrics. Her new track is just the start of this artist’s multifaceted talents.

Read on through to learn more about the up-and-coming hit artist Eliyanah.

We have been loving your new track  “Love Burned Out.” Can you share with us a few of the hurdles that you may have had throughout the track?

I think one of my main hurdles was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted it to sound. Originally we had a totally different intro and it felt a lot more ‘ballad’ like but I wanted to keep exploring and pushing our creative boundaries. Then I met our awesome producer Ben Scott who just caught on to what I loved in music and helped me capture that with Love Burned Out. Was a little journey to get there but I am proud of what we have achieved. 

What drove you to seek out a career as a singer?

I’ve always loved to sing and make music, I think I first sang on stage when I was around 6/7 thanks to my dad’s amazing influence and encouragement. From then it’s been a journey of enjoying live music and writing with other musicians. Then the pandemic hit which just gave me and my brother Simon who I write a lot of the tracks with, some real time to think creatively and get super excited about our own music. So much so, I wanted to release it and share our creativity and excitement with the world! I have to also say though, I have THE BEST  family who have always supported and encouraged me. Especially my older brother Rich, I think he’s my biggest fan haha! And he’s a huge reason why ‘Love Burned Out’ even got released and why we have so many exciting things ahead of us. 

What were the moments that stood out during the recording of your first ever song?

I think one of the main moments was working with our producer Ben and getting creative in the studio. We spent so much time just chatting about sounds and music influences as well as what the song ‘Love Burned Out’ really meant to me. He just totally got where I wanted to take the song and I remember him playing around with the chorus and adding some awesome guitar and 80’s sounds to the song and then just being like ‘THIS IS IT!’ ‘WE’VE GOT IT!’

What are your upcoming plans as a singer?

AHHH I am SO excited for what’s ahead. I have some really great songs coming out that I have been working on with my brothers, Ben and some other awesome writers and musicians. 

So yeah, keep watching this space, there’s more singles and an album on the way and we will totally be getting in some live gigs which is super exciting.

Are there any near future releases on the horizon?

Absolutely, one coming in a few weeks time actually which we can’t wait to share with you. Like I said, watch this space!!

How would you define your sound?

Ummmm, I wouldn’t say I have one specific sound which you’ll see with some of the other tracks coming out and I kind of like that. Actually I think that it’s a lot more accepted these days too! But obviously I love the pop sound and my music is within that genre drawing in some indie influences and throwback 80’s sounds. We’ve definitely managed to capture this kind of nostalgic tone to our music through our songwriting and I think my vocal kind of plays on that too which I think is really cool! 

What is your go-to song?

Oh God, this is a tricky question as I have such a varied taste in music. I would probably say one of my go-to songs at the moment is called ‘What would you do’ by Honne, it gives me all the good feels! But honestly it changes week by week and I always love going back to classics. I have an awesome motown playlist that always makes me want to dance whilst I’m cleaning!! 

What artist has influenced you the most?

Again, such a tricky question!! There have been so many. I used to listen to Eva Cassidy all the time. Her voice and the soul in her music was just something I always felt when I listened to her and I really connect with that. More recently though it has to be Lennon Stella. She is not only so flippin cool but she also has that same soul when she sings. Her voice is honestly just incredible and she stays true to herself which is huge. 

Thank You!

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