Kendrick Lamar keeps very quiet on social media.

He did, however, post on his @jojoruski page this afternoon.

It’s some photos of a Buick Grand National GTX, of which there were 547 made, with a long caption.

“aye life get real tricky. no matter where you at with it. i never pick and choose what stories to relate to. all of them is relative. like my momma say tho. different strokes for different folks. a good ol saying can snap you back into reality sometimes. but in the moment of confusion, the best thing you can do is find a gnx. make you realize the only thing that matters in life is that original paper work. that TL2 code. 1 of 547. yea i finally changed. its over with. dhz. my big cousin pat dogg smiling down. anybody wanna line it up. i’ll pull heem off the floor and flip yo sh*t,” Kendrick.

Is that all about the car, or is Kendrick trying to say something more?


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