When we last checked in, famous son Bronny James was either the 34th or 52nd best prospect in the 2023 high school class, which was down from his previous high of 19.

According to ESPN, the 2022-2023 high school season changed things.  

They are now predicting Bronny, who hasn’t picked a college yet, will be the tenth pick in the 2024 draft, citing his growth as a perimeter defender.


That means if LeBron is still on the Lakers he won’t be able to play with his son, as LA has no first-round pick in 2024. LeBron can decline his option and opt out of his Lakers contract after the 2024 season, although he would have made $58 million with the Lakers and it would be unlikely another team would pay him close to that for his age 40 season.

Do you think Bronny really made such a leap or is this just Nike and Klutch sports hype?


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