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Dewey Saunders‘ portfolio is just a crate of records filled with albums that he designed.

Achieve your dreams through the power of mental fitness. Welcome to the High Comfort Dream Machine. We have designed an hour-long immersive audio experience for your ultimate relaxation and the cultivation of mental powers. Simply press play, close your eyes and let the Dream Machine take you on a healing journey through space and time. In minutes achieve deep relaxation, whole-brain thinking, closer family connection, and super learning. We thank Earoh for designing the High Comfort Dream Machine audio and Jackson Green for the intricate graphic tee. We wish you a pleasant journey into your inner worlds.

Each one of these tracks has been selected to bring listeners close to a meditative state, resembling a sound bath. There’s a foundational emphasis placed on water imagery (Huerco S. – A Sea Of Love, Emily A. Sprague – Water Memory 1, Ana Roxanne – It’s a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore) the proximity to others (Paulina Anna Strom – Freedom at the 45th Floor, Tapes and Tapographies – Everyone is Far Away) and the frequently frail systems of our communication (Gigi Masin – How to Disappear in a Kiss, Corre – Signal, Andrew CS* – Powers Out, Dedekind Cut – Instinct). Over the years, many of these songs have been my go-to’s when I need to block out the noise and rise above obstacles at bay. It feels rewarding to finally have them all in one place. The goal of this mix is to provide a foundation for new mental exploration; whether that involves embracing the powers of isolation, or rediscovering the value of a close-knit community, we hope you find some value in this collection.

Explore the new High Comfort Dream Machine Collection.

Dream Machine Mix by Earoh Tracklist:
1. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – I Am a Thought
2. Paulina Anna Strom – Freedom at the 45th Floor
3. Kara-lis Coverdale – Territory of Subtle Entries
4. Huerco S. – A Sea Of Love
5. Malibu – Lost At Sea
6. Terekke – ambien
7. Gigi Masin – How to Disappear in a Kiss
8. Garrett · DāM-FunK – Awaiting The Light
9. DJ Python – Te Conocí
10. Bochum Welt – Hills On Fire
11. Emily A. Sprague – Water Memory 1
12. Tapes and Tapographies – Everyone is Far Away
13. Ana Roxanne – It’s a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore
14. earoh – Supra Interlude
15. Corre – Signal
16. Andrew CS* – Powers Out
17. Grouper – Come Softly (For Daniel D.)
18. Crem’e – Passing Through
19. Falls – Array
20. EASTGHOST – Waking Up pt. 2
21. Julianna Barwick – Prizewinning
22. Terekke – wav1
23. Dedekind Cut – Instinct

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