Earlier this week, a soundbite from an interview Drake did with Lil Yachty hit the web.

“I feel like I’m kind of introducing the concept, in my mind, of a graceful exit,” he told Boat.

This concerned Drake fans, who were hit with the notion their man might be retiring.

The full interview leaked, and that quote is part of a broader discussion, which you can hear below.

“I feel like a lot of people that I’ve watched as the years have gone on, it’s a really addictive competitive space and oftentimes, you’re addicted to the competition itself. And so, sometimes it’ll baffle you. Like, why are these people still making attempts at like, trying to be present in the space? And then, you’ll realize that they probably, their needs and desires and their soul was probably fed for so long off of being ‘a guy’ or ‘the guy,’ they can’t let it go,” Drake.

That’s what Drake is attempting to avoid with a “graceful” exit.  But it may not be for some time, as Drake is still one of the most dominant artists in the world.


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