Birdman claimed last week’s Essence Fest in New Orleans would be a Hot Boy reunion.

And why not?  For the first time in years, all the boys are available for it.

However, no reunion materialized, as Lil Wayne refused to share the stage with the group and did his own thing.

Birdman, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile, and B.G. did do a set together, but Turk was missing.

According to B.G., Turk was banned from appearing.

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“It’s only one n*gga ain’t in this bitch, ya heard me? He brought that on himself, ya heard me? N*gga did a bunch of hoe sh*t and can’t take it back. He gotta fault himself for not being here,” B.G said social.  The n*gga know what he did last summer. And I’ma just leave it like that.”

Turk fired back, claiming he wasn’t there because he doesn’t need the Hot Boys like the others do.

“You n*ggas want that sh*t to come together ’cause you n*ggas f*cked up outchea. I ain’t f*cked up outchea. I’m blessed and highly favored by God. Y’all got me f*cked up,” he said. “I’ll say f*ck a Hot Boys tour, n*gga.”

Between Wayne and Turk, a Hot Boys tour isn’t looking good.


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