During his chat with Kevin Hart, Dr. Dre made a confession.

While he listens to all sorts of genres of music, he can’t listen to a lot of modern Hip Hop.

He admitted this when Hart asked him about how he feels about old heads trashing the state of the game.

Dre doesn’t like that.  But then came a twist.  [Jump to 4 minutes.]

[embedded content]

“Hip Hop is what it is. Anybody that’s talking about the state of Hip Hop right now, when talking about it from a negative place, sounds like somebody’s f*cking grandfather. This is just what it is. Hip Hop is evolving. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, you know what I’m saying,” Dre said.  

But, but, but …

“I’m keeping it all the way 100 with you. Some of this sh*t, most of this sh*t, I don’t like. I don’t listen to a lot of that sh*t. But I’m not hating on it. I’m never gonna hate on it.”

Is that hate?


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