After the 2021 singles “City Boy Summer” and “Michael Vick,” American rapper Dogan followed through with a new EP titled Dolce. This 6-track collection sees the emerging artist spill his truths in the most inspiring manner, always staying sharp while never straining for effect. 

Each of the 6 tracks listed on this EP demonstrates Dogan’s outstanding skills and natural penchant for authenticity and raw description of how life really is rather than how it should be or how we want it to be. 

From Future, Kendrick Lamar, Young Dolph, and Curren$y, Digan has found inspiration in various artists’ works, but always stayed focused and dedicated to finding his own lane and style. 
Whether Dolce or his previous works, Dogan’s music is set to reach more and more people as he continues dropping new sounds on the airwaves.

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