The Feds are in the midst of investigating Puff Daddy for sex trafficking and raided some of his properties yesterday.

Somebody claiming to be his California neighbor made some wild allegations to the press, who had gathered outside of Puff’s West Coast home.

“Tell him to stop bringing the minors over late at night,” the man yelled.  “I live right next to him.  He do too much.  They’ll be like buses, big ass buses.  You can see all type of sh*t hope off.  Especially at night time around 3 o’clock in the morning.  It gets wild.  I’m his neighbor.  When my basketball go over there-I jus let it be cuz I don’t wanna knock on the door.”

That guy sounds too funny to be Puff’s real neighbor.  On the other hand, he does have a very nice car.


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