Eminem reheated his old beef with Benzino, mocking the former Source boss’s squalid living conditions and mentioning his daughter Coi Leray in the track “Doomsday Pt. 2.”

Zino came back at him quickly with two tracks,  “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis.”

The duel disses were well received.  In fact, there has been talk that Zino cooked Shady.

Now, there is talk that Zino didn’t right bars of such high quality himself.

The word as that Cassidy — who’s known to ghost right and has always wanted a piece of Eminem — penned bars like this:

“My n*gga Young Zee dissed you, Milkbone dissed / you, [?] dissed you, Pacewon dissed you (Okay) / Real lyricists but you ain’t go back at them did you? (Never) But you would rather battle pop stars just to get your issue / You like to pick the low hanging fruit lets get this clear / You dissed, Elton John, your mum, your ex, Britney Spears / You dissed Lana Del Ray fam, Moby, Iggy / Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Insane Clown Posse / A retired Joe Budden, when I tell a lie stop me (Stop me) / Machine Gun Kelly, that boy damn near whipped you (What) / Come on dog, how Vanilla Ice gonna diss you?”

What do you think?

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