Deezy Baby 971 "Silver Spoon (I Did It)"

Deezy Baby 971 is a new sensation in the world of hip-hop. He has just dropped his latest single, “Silver Spoon (I Did It).” Known for being one of those raw hip-hop musicians not holding anything back in their lyrical forte and storytelling, Deezy was born and brought up continuously in Guadeloupe, with the privilege to deeply access his cultural heritage and discover his love for music.

It looks like the greatest influences on this artist to shape Deezy’s style have been the iconic rappers on the level of 2Pac, Biggie, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole, grooving between gritty reality and introspective storytelling. This fusion is evident in past releases and even refines more in “Silver Spoon (I Did It).”

The single, in its own right, sets the tone through its appealing beats and words. When Deezy raps, “I wasn’t born with no silver spoon, but lil nigga I did it,” he is outlining his walk from the ghetto to greatness against all odds. Explaining how he managed to do it, he delves deeper into the themes of resilience, determination, and overcoming adversity.

“Silver Spoon (I Did It)” shows how far Deezy has come as an artist. The track proves his capability of blending personal anecdotes with broader social commentary to let his music resonate deeper with the people. It gives a narration of his experiences and a gritty, unfiltered view of his life.

It has been an awesome journey with roadblocks. But that has never deterred him from his goal. His previous singles, “It Ain’t Personal” and “Don’t Fuck With tha Kid,” were critically acclaimed for the candid critique they offered of the music industry and their raw energy. These songs cemented his name as an artist who is not afraid to say what he feels and stands up against what he feels is wrong.

Deezy is the founder of Black Water Records, an independent label that gives artists room to exercise their freedom to be creative and autonomous. Deezy Baby 971 supports others through his label, and in turn, they pursue this form of artistry so they can remain the owners of their work.

“Silver Spoon (I Did It)” is more than just another single. It is another confirmation that Deezy does not tire of seeking success. He can synthesize personal experiences into general social commentaries—that is the quality of his music that makes it relatable. The single shows how deep Deezy goes as an artist and how versatile he is. It offers an understanding of his journey and the struggles he has been through.

Fans of Deezy Baby 971 will be happy to hear a new single from him. The raw power and honesty he puts into his music are things that every listener can relate to. “Silver Spoon (I Did It)” is available on all the leading streaming platforms, so everyone is welcome to come and be a part of Deezy’s journey through the ups and downs that life serves.

Play “Silver Spoon (I Did It)” below:

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