Conway The Machine was shot in 2012, which left him with paralysis on the right side of his face.

He spoke about the shooting on a newly released segment of the My Expert Opinion podcast. 

Based on Conway’s explanation, getting shot makes him want to avoid the spotlight. It also makes him uncomfortable with fame.

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“I don’t know because I’m just a recluse,” said Conway. “I’ll be like just dolo to myself. I think that came from getting shot … So I’m looking at clubs like, ‘I don’t go out man. I ain’t going to that party, I ain’t going to that event, I don’t want to do that anymore. ‘What time the interview? 10:30? Naw, I’m good bro. I’m chilling, I’m already inside.’”

He spoke about being shot in another segment of the podcast as well, saying that it made him hate shooting music videos and taking photos.


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