Much in the same way that Tony Yayo always speaks about 50 Cent and defends him, Consequence does the same with Kanye West.

Cons, as many probably know, has been with Ye’s GOOD Music label from the start and he had some harsh words for Pusha T.

The Clipse rapper said in December that Ye is no longer speaking to him because he distanced himself due to the Chicago artist making anti-Semitic remarks. 

Pusha also said that he’s no longer president of GOOD Music.

So, Consequence aired him out in an interview with The Art of Dialogue.

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“GOOD Music is something I helped build with my bare hands … so that’s why I’m disgusted when somebody who wasn’t there from the start and [whose] situation was compromised comes along, and then when Ye is in a situation that he talked himself into — he gotta be responsible for that, 100 percent — but we not gonna stick together? … Just say you mad about the Donda party in Chicago when he ain’t let you on stage. Say that.”

“N*ggas ain’t gonna just dead the block like that. Just so you can eat? Nah,” Cons continued. “You Pharrell’s man. That’s why you running around with Pharrell right now and that’s cool but my man, he in a crisis and n*ggas is out …You want me to respect that sh*t?”

On top of that, Consequence blamed Pusha for ruining his relationship with Drake since Pusha and Drizzy are arch-enemies.

What’s your opinion on this new Consequence, Pusha T beef? 


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