Despite being an A-list rapper, Cardi B seems to have oodles of time to answer disses on social media.

But those days are behind her, according to what she said on Twitter Spaces, because she now rather exchange punches instead of insults.

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“I’m done with bitches. I’m done with the arguing,” Cardi promised. “If anybody want to see me, they can fight me. I got short nails now so if anybody got an issue with me, they can link up and they can fight me. But I’m not going back and forth no more with no bitch on Instagram, on social media, on records, nothing.”

“That sh*t been for six years already,” she specified. “And guess what? No matter if I’m right or wrong, I’ll always look like the villain. But y’all need to leave me alone. Leave me alone.”

Bardi had a message for the fellas as well, and said she isn’t above using a weapon to settle things.

“I’m not gonna be beefing with no n*gga with a dick,” she explained. “I’m not gonna be doing that … I can’t fight no man. I’ma have to shoot you or something.”

Any thoughts about her comments?


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