But Cam doesn’t care.  The way he sees it, you can’t cancel him because  he and his Harlem bro Ma$e invented “cancel culture.”

“They talk about how you gonna cancel somebody. How the f*ck you gonna cancel n&ggas who canceled they self, n*gga? F*ck is you talking about? My mom got sick in 2007 and I said f*ck the whole music sh*t. I ain’t give a f*ck. And Killa Season just went quadruple platinum and left the whole music business,” Cam and then turned to Ma$e. “When you quit, Murda, how many you sold after you left? Seven million? My n*gga sold seven million then quit. You can’t cancel n*ggas who canceled theyself and don’t give a f*ck. We left when we wanted to leave. F*ck cancel culture.  We started it with ourself, n*gga.”

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