In the Get Rich or Die Tryin days, 50 Cent was often seen with a bulletproof vest.

That’s not the case anymore, though, and he explained why he stopped wearing it during an interview with Men’s Health.

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“When did I stop wearing the bulletproof vest? I don’t have a specific timeline for that. You know what happened? I got other things. I had gotten vehicles, like, full-blown level 6. The same stuff Obama is riding around in,” said Fif. 

“So it didn’t make sense to have to wear it every day because it was like in between that one space that I was going into the building and coming out of the building. So, I started to wear it less but this is almost like my hallmark,” he added. “In the beginning of my career, I was seen more often with it than without it.”

As many know, 50 was shot nine times in 2000 in his Queens, New York neighborhood. But his son’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, says that number has always been exaggerated.


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