The release follows the arrival of the deluxe edition of Tiller’s Trapsoul.

After a lengthy solo hiatus, Bryson Tiller emerges and releases his third studio album, Anniversary. Drake appears on the highly anticipated compilation as the only feature. 

Tiller’s masterful fusion of trap music and R&B was something he presented back in 2015 on his debut, Trapsoul. His Soundcloud roots led him to the Billboard charts and also landed him two Grammy nominations.

Anniversary is a reset of sorts, especially since Bryson recently shared he wasn’t happy with his last album True To Self from 2017 in a recent Billboard interview. Since his heart wasn’t there three years ago, Anniversary serves as a reminder of the slow but steady trap beats that led him to become a household name. 

Staples on this release include a single “Always Forever,” “I’m Ready For You,” and “Inhale.” It makes sense why “Always Forever” was chosen as the first song on the album, it sets the stage for the emotional ride that follows. It’s produced well and reminiscent of Trapsoul. “I’m Ready For You” is equally pleasing as it’s equipped with an easygoing beat.

Brent Faiyaz’s vocals paired with two sneaky SWV samples (“All Night Long,” and “Not Gon Cry”) make “Inhale” a perfect song. Tiller also reminisces on a toxic situation alongside Drake on “Outta Time” which makes the track one of our favorites on the release.

On Anniversary, Bryson sticks to what he knows and shares tales of love lost, beaus he connected with eons ago, and the downside of having a flashy, swift-paced life.  The album proves that Tiller has been steady working on his sound over the past five years.

Stream Anniversary below.

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